A Simple Query

So we’ve seen multiple fire teams in the game so far: Majestic is blue, Crimson is whatever the players decide to be, and every other team so far - Mountain, Kodiak, Lancer, and Switchback if memory serves correctly - are largely the same as my current armor setup.

First question: Do you think there’s an in-setting reason why all teams save Majestic (blue) and Crimson (wildcard) are the same colors, or for that matter why everyone save 4 out of 5 members of Majestic + the option of any/all members of Crimson wear the same armor set?

Second: I’ve noticed the above-mentioned teams, as well as Thorne, have a right shoulder that doesn’t match the standard Recruit configuration. At a glance I thought it resembled recon, but then when I looked again and compared it I didn’t see an exact match for it. Any idea what’s up there?