A Simple Proposal on the XP Cap

Seeing as I’ve hit the cap everyday this week, seeing I’m on break. I feel like this would be a fair proposal.

Once a player hits SR-50, the cap should be raised to 300k or removed, because the Specializations are no easy feat to work through, and anyone who is willing to put in the time should be allowed to level as fast as he/she wishes.

I’m not saying 343 is ruining the game but “preserving the integrity of the leveling system” or whatever they said in their statement is a pretty poor justification.

I’m getting pretty tired of game developers trying to make everything a level playing field for everyone.

Now in no way am I saying that Halo is strictly about leveling, I encourage everyone to just keep playing after the cap as the game is great.

Supposedly 343 raised the XP cap last monday.

Somehow I think thats a lie as I’ve still hit it.

seems like the same if you ask me

My -Yoink- they raised it. I’ve already it hit twice since Monday.

They didn’t raise it, now it feels like they’re lying to us.

I think they said they were going to raise the xp cap in the next update.

Does the cap restart everyday or every week?

> Does the cap restart everyday or every week?

It resets every day at midnight on 343’s servers.

Anyways, I’ve hit the experience cap about three or four times, and it’s completely frustrating when that happens. I paid sixty dollars for this game, and I believe that I shouldn’t have restrictions placed on me when it comes to how I want to play it. As players, we’re not exploiting the system if we want to level up faster. We’re just spending more time and more effort. I don’t understand why 343i thinks that it’s okay to do this to its consumers. Sure, Bungie implemented an experience cap, but at least theirs was so immensely high that it was almost non-existent unless you played Reach from sun up to sun down.

I’m also on break and I didn’t have work today! Thank god! So I got up at about 9 am this morning and played until about 12 pm, for about 4 hours, and I ended up hitting the xp cap fast! And I was playing dominion and big team, so I didn’t get much xp?