A Simple Minitage

Be wary of the language used within the music of the minitage.

Alright, so my bestfriend and I have decided to attempt to create a community of gamers for Halo 4 and currently Reach. And, well I created a minitage of footage that I had rendered in our file shares from the days of Bungie Pro. It was made in Windows Movie Maker a lack of software.

However, I will be getting a Capture Card soon along with Pinnacle Studios so any montages made will improve over time. We intend to get a rather large community and frequently hold game nights and the like, things are dead due to a lack of members so if you wish to check things out head over here. We’re a pretty friendly group of guys and intend to promote a friendly atmosphere.

Here, is the minitage after that long-winded explanation of things.

Opinions of what is seen would be great, and I intend to eventually place an ad in the recruiting section of the site. We really want to get this community thing going, skill doesn’t matter nor does anything other than attitude and out right friendliness towards others.

Also, on a note things get better after the very first clip. v_v

Not bad at all man. You have a some good kills!