A simple idea to get back H4 players

As you guys may have seen, Halo 4 has gotten a lot better since Bravo’s arrival and it’s only gonna get even better(Throwdown,TU,Majestic Map Pack). People like us know about these changes because we visit this site every week knowing there will be a new bulletin. However, most people on Xbox Live don’t. That’s why I think that, alongside the Bulletins, 343 should release Weekly Videos that have the information relevant to MM and Spartan Ops in the Bulletins in them (Halo 4 Weekly Community Update?). That way, those of us who prefer our news in video form(like me) will watch these instead of reading the bulletin and these vids could be on the front page of the Xbox Dashboard.

If players really have a desire to stay informed, they’ll look to the bulletin. No need for video

Seems Microsoft puts anything halo 4 related right in the middle of the dashboard.

MLG bravo to you svp !