A Serious Halo VS. Star Wars Debate

A serious discussion about star wars and halo
Over the last few months, I have uncovered many forums and even a website on this topic. I have become extremely curious about how something like an intergalactic conflict might pan out. many sources give credit to star wars as being the clear winner in almost every situation.
I’m not sure where to even start for such a broad subject, but the most interesting sub-subject to me is Star Wars Cruisers vs. UNSC and Covenant Cruisers. like i said, many forums hold the belief that star wars easily trumps halo, especially in terms of technology. I am not convinced of this, because often times, people dont site reliable information. sometimes, the information isn’t even available, so people just guess instead. my method will be different here. if solid evidence or sitations are not available, i will use science to determine the likely hood of an outcome. the only problem here is that not all technology is science based (duh), it is more based in science fiction. well, while this may be the case, i can still do a reasonable comparison.

i would like to make some points for future reference, so that people don’t get confused:

  • yes, i am indeed a newb to this forum, but that doesn’t mean i know nothing. - i am a diehard halo fan and a moderate star wars fan - i am honest about things. i try to keep bias out of areguments, for the sake of everyone involved - i love getting feedback (supplemental or corrective)I would like to start a debate on an Imperial Star Destroyer vs. a UNSC Infinity-Class Cruiser, based on crew training, armament, and shielding/armor systems.

please share, comment, and argue away!

Please keep the support forums clear for actual support issues, thanks. I believe there may already be a topic about this either in the Polls section or in the Universe section