A serious concern... (mechanics)

We all know that the community is divided between classic and current game mechanics. Sprint is one thing, but spartan abilities is another too. What also sucks is that a lot of the old fans who liked the previous game mechanics are no longer on these forums, so it’s hard to get a true estimate on which is more agreed-upon.

I still believe classic is the way to go, because it will appeal to older fans (which was a higher-in-number fanbase) and newer fans can adjust to them accordingly over time.

My point is, if you like the new mechanics and all, play Halo 5, because that game already has it. But this next title should be a throwback and should be reminiscent of classic mechanics. After all, it’s using a mix of this new slipspace engine and the BLAM engine used for the classic Halo games.

So, if you like new mechanics then go play Halo 5, and if you like old then play Infinite, as I hope the game returns to classic mechanics.

Halo 5 uses the Blam engine used for the previous Halo games, so not sure why you mentioned elements of the Blam engine meaning that Infinite should have only classic mechanics. Halo used the same engine from CE to 5, albeit with the engine being re-optimized and improved for each new title.

Also, the statement about the Slipspace engine is largely new, but does contain some remnants of the Blam engine. This doesn’t mean it’s not a new engine, as it’s not uncommon for some code in old engines to be entirely suitable for newer ones.

This sounds like you are pushing away players who like modern mechanics out of halo infinite (assuming it has classic movement). In addition, its too early to determine the movement mechanics for infinite since it looks obvious by just looking the game engine demo but it may differ. I think it would be better to have a combination of both in separate playlist (classic slayer, modern, etc). Again, I’m not against or in favor of classic movement, 343 needs to figure out a way to please a divided audience. As for infinite, I want the game to regain popularity on top charts and achieve the largest population on any halo and I’m sure 343 will figure it out.

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