A separate Split Screen Thread

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Yes I am that there is already a thread dedicated to split screen, yet i feel as though most the threads i place there are buried under other post, so heres my own personal thread for those who want to reference my take on why i prefer no split screen for right now.
Ill reference a game that i play on a good amount of time and that game is COD advance Warfare. when i play solo the game looks ok it runs smooth the people don ot over blend( the people do not blend directly into the background) and the screen does not over blur with fast movement( when you exo boost or sprint it does not get faded and blurring to the point where you cant see anything smoothly). But then theres the Split screen part when i hit split screen the graphics drop the frame rate drops and suddenly i find it hard to see anyone on the screen when im moving its like looking at one of those blurry paintings. ill get shot by what seems like the freaking wall then a guy pops out of it in a very contrasting outfit yet he blended in like a blurry splatter on the wall. it feels as though the images and the game itself cannot keep up with the movement of the game on split screen. i believe this is what Halo 5 is trying to avoid and im all for it because id rather have a clean smooth screen on a freaking 4k tv then some blurry pix-elated spartan image and blended in dudes while im trying to figure out WTF that is on the wall a guy or just the freaking wall. so from actual experience standpoint dumping split screen for now if it means my next gen game wont look like crap. yes if we add split screen into halo 5 without the system being able to handle it at this current time it will look like crap in my opinion so lets not make it look less next gen. now 343 never said split screen wont be added in later on once technology develops a bit further you know.
So moderators go ahead and lock this thread your only going to force me to go to a thread that’s already over flooded with random post that don’t even get read and eventually get buried under more pointless post of im mad there’s no split screen without researching why for now its better to not have split screen.

I agree with all of it. The most frustrating thing about people who complain about not having split screen don’t even know why they can’t add split screen. Then they call themselves "real halo fans’ or “old halo fans” and it just makes Halo players look bad.

I think split screen threads should be allowed if they are actually constructive and not just "I hate 343!!! " I do see why there is an official thread though since the forum would be overflowed with splitscreen threads. I think a solution would be a dedicated splitscreen part of the forum