A season should just be a 3 month period with a 100 tier battle pass. If co-op or forge get delayed, move it to a next season, don’t make seasons 10 month periods. People will move on!

I’m still blown away with the strange decision to make season 2 a 10 month period. Never mind making Season 1 a 6 month period. Why? Because you promised co-op in season 2 and forge in season 3 or the other way around and by stretching those seasons into oblivion you can always claim you kept your promise?

Season 3 can run from March 7 2023 to whatever time you please in order to get forge and co-op ready. Then it will be ready in January 2024 and by that time season 4 can start. And you can say: “Just like we promised!”

NO! Do you know why people play more in the beginning of a season? Not only because there are new maps and game-modes (hopefully). But ALSO because of the new battlepass. And how hard is it really to make cosmetics? The shop is drowning in it.

We should have been in Season 4 right now and Season 5 starting in November.

If your targets for forge or co-op aren’t met, then move them to Season 5 or 6 or whatever. But stretching seasons into almost a year just so you can say you kept your promise is by the far the worst and lamest solution for this game.


It doesn’t make sense.

I would rather they just had 3 month seasons with smaller battle passes if needed.

Recycle some Halo 5 maps to bridge the content gap. If they can’t be ported over directly then whip them up in Forge. They have the exact dimensions so it wouldn’t be hard.

Bring back some of the S1 and S2 events. Just for a couple of days at a time - for those who didn’t finish them the first time.

My only hope is that they are setting themselves up for a huge Season 3. A soft reboot if you like. With custom games browser and Tatanka. Maybe some missing stuff like multi-team and Infection.

But most importantly a new engine build sans the desync issues that currently undermining everyone’s base confidence in the game.


Exactly. Bring back old events, old maps. I don’t think people mind playing maps from previous titles in Halo Infinite.

But everything is focussed around the shop. And they’re not even doing that right. Every other company in the world would have sold bundles from season 1 as daily bundles in season 2, but even that is an impossible task.


Exactly, a lot of the content from the leaks look they are ready to be put in the game so why not get that stuff out, and why the **** does it take this long to get infection and other old modes into the game? Is the engine that much of a piece of sh*t?


Exactly. put artists to work and fill battle passes with cosmetics and weapon variants like Halo 3 AR or CE pistol skins for Sidekick or just a bunch of colors for weapons. Keep the seasons going and update the game along the way.


We’ve already moved on. Truth be told, i heard there was gonna be an update or roadmap from 343 and i absolutely knew what was coming lol.

Extended season…AGAIN. And cancelled or delayed content. If you think about it, 343 is consistent lolol. Consistently providing barebones content.


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People have moved on

Steam Charts: Halo Infinite only 1,997 players right now.

[Edit] For comparison, Steam Charts: Halo MCC 3,468 players right now.