A return to the roots of Halo

The only way to save this franchise is to go back to the basics.

The spirit of Halo is the arena style combat.
Two men enter the better man leaves. Its really that simple, and I feel the franchise has lost its way trying to be something its not.We need to go back to symmetrical maps, we need less options. Less is more when it comes to an Arena shooter like Halo of yesteryear.

AA’s need to be pick ups like power weapons.

One starting weapon, and the rest are pick ups. This brings back map control.

Do away with sprint. If you play the old Halo games no one ran away after being two shot. They actually stood their ground and fought like men.

I like sprint, but I 100% agree with everything else.

If they did everything else I mentioned, and Left sprint I would be okay. I just want to save the franchise because its in dire shape…

> If they did everything else I mentioned, and Left sprint I would be okay. I just want to save the franchise because its in dire shape…

I think 343 learned their lesson. Their mistake was trying to mimic Call of Duty, and they learned the hard way that that’s the last thing Halo fans want.

So what your saying, is that the next Halo needs to evolve from Halo 3, not Halo 4.

Because I have been saying this for long time. But you also need to consider the people who like Halo REACH/4 and have not played Halo 2/3.

You need 2 matchmaking options to please everyone:

Halo 5 needs to evolve from Halo 3 and have an improved version of the REACH UI and Match Finding Options.

Halo 5 will probably need two playlist to keep everyone happy.

You need to have 2 Main Playlist, which are then split into Ranked and Social Playlist.


  • Ranked
  • Social*
  • Ranked
  • Social*
    This would allow everyone to enjoy the Halo they want to play.

Classic would be an evolved version of Halo 3.

Infinity would be an evolved version of Halo 4.
Maybe an option for no Ordnance as well for the REACH lovers.

Each of course would have any new vehicles and weapons that have been created for the new Halo game.

The Sandbox would be the same for both. Only real changes are:

  • No Loadouts
    No AA (Equipment Only)
    No Ordnance
    No Perks
    Sprint (TBA)
    Weapons Spawn on Map
  • Loadouts

I think these features with about 20 maps at launch will be sufficient.
Map Types Required for Launch:
6 Small
6 Medium
6 Large
2 Very Large (Forge World Size)

And a player increase to 24 for Massive BTB.
And Fire Fight Maps to work with Match Making maps. Not to be new addition.

This may seem to be many maps, and a lot of work for 343i, but if half of these maps were remakes of the best Halo maps. Then the hard work is already done. This would give Halo 5 10 new maps and 10 remakes.

Reach is actually my favorite Halo MP. I just think that the experiment failed, more ppl clearly like H3 style.
(Based on the fact that H3 population is higher than H4 or close to it)
So maybe we should go back to that in order to save the franchise…

Personally I think Reach was wonderful, other than AL.

> Because I have been saying this for long time. But you also need to consider the people who like <mark>Halo REACH/4</mark> and have not played Halo 2/3.

I loved Halo Reach and you’ve offended me by grouping Halo 4 with it lol. Reach was about slow and methodical precision and teamwork. Halo 4 seems to be about lone wolfing it. The speed and pace of the game fits in with the Halo 2/3 (which I also absolutely loved) style more so then it fits in with Reach to me.


  1. Halo 4 is also an arena style game. You find and fight for power weapons on the map just as before. And before you say that that’s not what an arena style FPS is, the thing is, there is no official definiton of an arena FPS is. The general definition of it though is an FPS where one fights for kills plus weapons and/or items.

> The spirit of Halo is the arena style combat.
> Two men enter the better man leaves.

What? That’s a summary of pretty much every competitive multiplayer game out there.

  1. Past Halo games have had unsymmetrical maps as well.

  2. No, you can’t run away in 4 if you’re getting actively hit with anything. You’ll just move at a regular pace and, even worse, you can’t use your weapons while doing it so you’re actually putting yourself at a disadvantage if you try to sprint away. Doesn’t anyone understand this?

> We need to go back to symmetrical maps

What’s the rationale behind this push for symmetry? What’s the benefit of symmetric maps over asymmetric maps? Of course, there is the balance aspect, but realistically it’s only going to apply to symmetric gametypes where teams have their respective bases and therefore you need to assure that the result is always going to be the same regardless of which side you put the teams on.

But when it comes to asymmetric gametypes, none of that really matters. Players start moving around the map, there are no “bases”, players are merely looking for the most advantageous positions. All the symmetry matters for is the starting position which, honestly, isn’t that important as long as the teams have roughly the same amount of power weapons given and generally a balanced start. From there on, they can do whatever they want.

In this case, asymmetric map design as far better than symmetric because it allows more variance when half of the map isn’t just copied to the other side. You run into this problem especially with small maps where the maps become a bit bland. With symmetric maps you are redundantly just copying one side to the other, essentially halving the design potential of the map, and therefore the potential depth of the map.

All a learning curve. I am sure with the next Halo it will be what we all dream of…

Microsoft needs to hurry up and make Halo 3 free so people can learn what real Halo is. Those of you who would dare argue for the class based system that was attempted in Halo 4 do not know what is best for Halo. That is the plain and simple truth. I actualky like Halo 4 more than Reach, but that doesn’t make it any less of a disappointment to the true halo community, or for myself for that matter.

Dear god… All this ‘‘True Halo’’ there and ‘‘Real Halo’’ there…

Folks… HALO is HALO!

It’s a matter of preference, not ‘‘saving’’ the franchise by going BACKwards.

I would never make it to my job, if i kept walking backwards… I’d end in Japan or something.

Halo 4 is indeed… Or WAS a flawed game. Now 343i has proved they listen, but we must also remember… What the old days were, cannot survive today.

They need to push the franchise in a new direction, if they remade Halo 2 MP… Everyone would play that and NEVER touch Halo 5/6s multiplayer… Thus leading to an even FASTER death of Halo’s developement.

Yes i loved the old days… But since then i have learned to love the new experiences.

Halo 5 could easily have something to please both audiences- Classic playlists and the new modern ones. Let’s not just REVERT the entire process to please ONE side.

I agree with golden raam also there’s really nothing new that can be implented into classic halo that can make it feel fresh and new because most of the mechanics might come from other shooters and we already know how most of community feels about halo taking some things from other shooters.

> It’s a matter of preference, not ‘‘saving’’ the franchise by going BACKwards.
> I would never make it to my job, if i kept walking backwards… I’d end in Japan or something.

If an HVAC guy -Yoinks!- up repairing your air conditioner, he shouldn’t come back and redo the job, because that would just be ‘backwards’ of him.

No, fixing flaws with the game is not going backwards, it’s going forwards.

> What the old days were, cannot survive today.

[Citation Needed]

I never used to be a person who said things like “real” halo, but this point I am awestruck by the amount of people who aren’t fully aware of our situation.

Push Halo in a new direction? That’s kind of what 343 tried to do. It didn’t work out. They based their game off of Reach, which was number-wise worse than Halo 3. I want the game to go in a new direction as much as the next guy, but it must be done with the classic style in mind. Halo 4’s new direcion shattered the large community we once had. Pulling Halo too far from its roots is killing it.

“Halo is Halo” is a statement I once would’ve said myself, but not anymore. These days I can’t help but be frustrated when hearing it. Halo is Halo isn’t a valid statement at this point. One can stray too far to the point where Halo isn’t Halo.

All I know is this, about reach, Halo 3, and halo 4 all of which I played last night with a friend.

Halo 3 is kind of slow and plodding, and old. But it’s ok its an older game. With a walk speed closer to reach and optional sprint it would be perfect i like how halo 3 is about player accuracy and position rather than twitch skills. Sniper is OP lol.

Reach I feel is the best modern halo at the basic level. Some questionable AA are really what ruined reach. Really if there were no bad AA’s in reach It would be great and everyone knows it. Reach is also more about accuracy and placement rather than twitch skills.

Halo 4 is frustrating. Never Have I raged so often after a kill. Never have I been spawn killed so much in a halo game. Never have I wondered WTF killed me so much. Its too twitchy. To many power weapons in infinity. Because of ordinance, don’t think you are going to mount any comebacks in losing games. Even now with the update it’s off. The dmr while not the powerhouse it was still takes little skill to hit with. Its like once someone sees you with a dmr, there are no evasive maneuvers and it has pinpoint accuracy across the entire map. The aim assist in H4 in general is out of control. The sniper is a joke and the beam rifle is beyond a joke. Skill level gap is very small. So it sometimes feels like games are random. What happened to deep but accessible not just accessible?