A return to form is severely needed

Alright Let’s get what everyones saying out of the way quickly:

The battlepass is trash and isn’t doing anyone any favors and is CLEARLY based on previous predatory systems to make money.

HOWEVER! The Beta is also being open for FREE and they need to make money SOMEHOW, So. I’m going to go over everything that is currently wrong with the game. this includes with gameplay, Customization, and progression


you know why socialism doesn’t work? because the people who work the hardest get their earnings taken by the government to be redistributed evenly amongst everyone else. so they stop working hard to get a free ride and the whole system comes crumbling down.

A similar idea can be applied to progression. when i got so many medals that they don’t fit on the screen, enough kills to create a mountain to rival Everst, and enough caps and defends that my boots have become rooted in the dirt from how much I’ve held my ground, and enough assists that you could start calling me a certified mentor. i carried this game i one man armied this game. i WAS the reason our team won.

and what is my reward?

50 XP. All that work, counted for nothing, nothing more than a spot on the scoreboard, which is immediately lost forever. 50 measly xp. and this isn’t even based on a win or lose, it’s just given. i could have just as well AFKed by setting up a simple bot to run circles for the entire game and i would have gotten the same result.

The easiest solution: Each Kill is worth 15 XP, Each Defend/Cap is worth 25, and Medals, depending on their difficulty, ranging from 20-100 XP EACH.

if you want to keep your battle pass at least don’t make it a slog to get through. wouldn’t have paid for it if i’d had known that it would have taken me HOURS to get through one level.

doing this would also improve the quality of games because the people would no longer be just focusing on their challenges, as they can get more done by playing objectives and sick kills. and then they can get their challenges done slowly for a much larger boost.

This would ALSO make XP boosters actually WORTH something. because if you don’t get your challenges done while that booster is active, it’s basically been wasted.

Also, concerning the battle pass. let’s make something clear. we aren’t children any more, we understand you’re giving this beta out for free and you need to make money, but what you don’t know is that we are more willing to give you money if you also respect our time that we spent, instead of offering convenient alternatives to simply shell out cash for it all.


You know I… I have very few words for my shock at the customization system, I mean this is 343, the guys behind the system for halo 4 at least. i can’t speak for halo 5 i never played it.

HOWEVER, it’s not that difficult to create an effective customization system, a few menus here a few color swatches there and BANG! you got yourself a customization menu! But this… armor core system is… well it’s god awful. simply due to the fact that any customizable item you unlock from the battle pass can be for ONLY ONE of the THREE armor cores. i SHUDDER to think of how this system would work if it made it to the final release. with 5 or 6 armor cores, you’d RARELY get the piece you wanted for the right armor core. LET ALONE if you wanted matching shoulder pieces because those have to be earned SHOULDER FOR SHOULDER INDIVIDUALLY.

And don’t even get me STARTED on color “Coatings”… they’re very few that look good and the sheer fact that I can’t customize them and set them for myself makes ANY good point about them NULL AND VOID. However, they also share the problem with armor pieces as that they’re RESTRICTED TO THEIR PRE-DETERMINED ARMOR CORE.

I got that weekly Ultimate Coating “Willow Tea”, and you know what -Yoink!- I actually kinda liked it! and I went to put it on my current armor core. BUT HOT DARN IT WOULDN’T YA KNOW! It’s restricted to the Mark VII Armor and not available for the Mark V [B] armor core. that’s just a highlight of my personal experience with this issue.

Then there’s the Rarity system…

W-why does it exist? there aren’t loot boxes or drops or anything. why are you giving ANYTHING a rarity? maybe if there was a roll for armor or coatings after each match, but that doesn’t exist and people would be outraged if that sort of thing was added SO DON’T EVEN -Yoink!- THINK ABOUT IT 343!

Simply doing a copy/paste of Reaches armor customization system would solve this, but that’s a lot of work to pull all that infrastructure out of the ground. but then again, you have (At time of writing) 157 days to solve it, so i’d say that’s PLENTY of time.


Gameplay… well it’s pretty fun. of all the stuff i could complain about the gameplay is pretty fun, sandbox is fairly lacking and some core weapons have been either cut or replaced. but it is FUN at it’s core. i love playing the game simply to sit back and relax.

BUT these are the things that are wrong with it:

SHOTGUN: Takes 2 shots to kill someone at point blank range. So… You know that scene from StarWars where Obi-wan is facing down Anakin and Anakin goes “You underestimate my power!” And Obi-Wan goes “Don’t try it!”. then Anakin tries it and gets 3 of his limbs removed? so give Anakin an energy sword and Obi-wan a shotgun and you have how the dynamic of how these two weapons work in ANY OTHER HALO GAME EVER TO EXIST.

the shotgun feels weak. Ol’betsy worked a treat in the other games why change her up now? you gave her a hideous facelift in Halo 4 but she still got the job done, why did you bring out her lazy, ugly sister for infinite? Shotgun is a 1shot KO at close range end of the conversation, it is the Energy sword and gravity hammer Counter. otherwise, the ones with swords are free to slaughter and overpower the enemy team.

And a LOT of the other weapons simply take too long to kill, Shock rifle excluded due to it’s oneshot headshot ability.

OH! and vehicles. Mongeese and Warthogs flip a bit too easily and the maps currently aren’t NEARLY wide enough to accommodate them. and splattering simply doesn’t work 80% of the time which is a major let-down.


My thoughts exactly, it’s hard to rank an item rarity when there is no RNG in place to obtain that item

it exists solely to subconsciously coax players into valuing certain items above others so when a legendary store bundle appears for example it’ll have a perceived rarity when such rarity doesn’t exist.




The TTK is far too fast as it already is.


You should look up what socialism actually means.

Fascinating that you think it is actually at all relevant to Halo. Truly hilarious that you would draw a false equivalency between performance based XP in a video game and us all paying taxes to have fire departments and roads.


Based on your questions, I think you might want to look into it a bit more. Particularly this bit:
“Does that mean what’s mine is also yours? Does it mean I can walk into any place I want and take what I want because “as a whole” I own what’s there?”

Neither of those things are at all Socialism. They are more like communism (although still not quite,) which is quite distinct from Socialism.

I think a good way to think of Socialism is that there is a spectrum. On one side you have full free market capitalism, with no monopoly laws, no worker protections, nothing. On the other side of the spectrum is full communism, where the products of all labor go into a pool that is then distributed to people based on their needs. In the middle, you’ve got Socialism, which is essentially what the US is today… if in Communism the philosphy is “From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs,” in Socialism it’s more like “From each according to their abilities, to each according to their contribution.” While in communism all property is owned by the government/aka the people, in socialism individuals have personal property.

The bottom line is that ultimately Socialism is things like medicare, medicaid, social security so that old people aren’t in the streets, etc… but Socialism is also things like the fire department and the police. In a purely capitalist society, the only way to get someone to put out the fire at your house would be to pay them. In our socialist society, if your house catches on fire we’ve all invested tax money in a system to put it out, because we recognize that if your house burns down it might spread to the rest.

In terms of a game like Halo, Socialism would be much closer to how things worked in Reach. If you play a match you get performance based XP, so that when you play super well you are rewarded. But you also get some amount of XP every match even if you don’t play well… that way if you’re not on your game one day, you aren’t totally stuck in the mud. Also this way, your younger sibling who can’t play as well can still play and have fun and get rewards, and your friend who is missing two fingers or has poor vision can play and still enjoy themselves and earn XP.

Maybe Socialism isn’t so bad after all?


Never happening with 343 at the helm.

Locking because conversation veered from Halo and into politics. Nothing constructive coming from that.