A request.

I’ve been playing halo since halo 2 and I’ve always loved elites. (I loved their dialogue in halo 2 it was hilarious. I think my favorite line was “COME OUT! you’re death will be quick and painless.” and they would always shoot at you’re dead body when they killed you as a way of saying "yeah I killed you and theirs NOTHING you can do about it because you’re dead, git gud scrub.) Especially in halo reach because they were so badass. But with the release of halo infinite I believe that this is a good opportunity to bring back invasion and playable elites. If they really are going back to the original art style then this is a good opportunity to make elites look badass again. Customizable reach style elite armor would be amazing and if they can balance the game mode so the banshee won’t end up making the entire team rage quit (seriously with that thing flying around the air it’s a wonder how I’ve never rage broken a controller before) and end up making it 8v8 this could be amazing. Seriously, I used to play invasion all the time until it got too annoying to bear anymore.

And they need to say Wort Wort Wort.

I second the wort wort wort.


> 2533274836021849;3:
> I second the wort wort wort.
> lol