A remake of Myst Island from the old point and click adventure game remade for BTB!

Hey guys not sure how many here have played the old adventure game Myst. But I thought it would make a great BTB Map. I’ve placed a lot of detail in this map (Including a teleport in the fireplace to take you to Atrus’ study on D’Ni) and even if you have never played the game you will appreciate the variety of structures (Library, Cabin, Observatory, Pirate Ship, Clocktower…) and the layout.

Map Overview


Just finished a Version 2 that adds a lot more detail. I also fixed the safe zones and weapon set.


Looks good I’ll try them next time I go online.

I’ll download just for the Pirate Ship, though it says not found.

Use the link in the first reply for the thread, it’s for version 2.

Oh maw gawd. I love Myst. Whilst I never completed it (it’s hard as -Yoink!-) I always enjoyed exploring the island. Definitely giving this a walk around.

The game was difficult but nothing compared to the sequel, Riven. I had a notebook full of information by the time I was done with that game lol