A remake of Halo 3's last mission in Halo 4

Like Duke Nukem forever did with 3D(at least that’s what i know),i really enjoyed it,and it would be cooler if they implement this ,also it would help new Halo fans to understand the story a bit,and motivate 'em to buy the other Halo’s

I really don’t think it would be necessary to do that. Halo 3 already came out during this generation of consoles, so recreating that level would be rather pointless as you could easily just go back and play it. I’d prefer that 343 made a “Previously in Halo” type of video to sum up the story for new players and then move on to the actual story so we can take over Chief’s new adventure.

I hope 343i is creative if they do a video. Not something like…
'Previously on Halo

  • Bunch of cheesy dramatic lines *
    Step into the world of HALO 4!!!

They should do something like Cortana’s memory kicking in and she’s remembering stuff from the earlier events and she narrates stuff. Like in Halo Legends, she recounts the history of the Milky Way with her own speculation.

I found games like Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood did very cheesy and lame intro videos, I hated it