A reason why the Flood might be on Zeta Halo

So we all know the rings fired and killed everyone, and that the Forerunners still managed to store some Flood samples in various places for further study. I just finished Primordium for the second time and I missed something pretty interesting. 343 Guilty Spark mentions that Installation 07 (zeta) was placed somewhere where it could never be used as a weapon again, and that there are at least 10 “deactivated” graveminds on it somewhere. What exactly does it mean by “deactivated”? Could it be possible for us to come across one or more of these graveminds during the campaign?

Could you provide a page reference for the “at least 10” deactivated gaveminds" in Primordium?

Also, Zeta was fired as part of the Lesser Ark’s Halo Array at the end of Silentium. Are you sure it was said in Primorium that it would never be used as a weapon again?

I think it’s more likely that the Flood will be teased over the course of the launch campaign, and then we get an expansion in 22 which focuses on the Flood.

With 343 introducing the Banished, and Harbinger, and continuing to deal with Cortana, I think they will save the Floods return for later.

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At the end of page 373 and the beginning of page 374. “At the command of the Didact, who rarely commanded his wife about anything, those processed by the Composer, those who remained on the fog-shrouded wheel, along with the remains of all the other Flood victims and the deactivated Graveminds–of which ten had already formed–and the last of the functioning monitors keeping perpetual watch–all on the wheel and the wheel itself were sent through a portal for one last time, never to be used in that same way again.” Rereading it now I see that by “that same way again” it probably meant as a testing site for the Flood and not as a weapon.

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That is my interpretation of that passage as well.

Regarding the “deactivated graveminds”, there are two likely potential interpretations that come to mind:
1: They were Graveminds that were locked in temporal stasis, and thus, “deactivated”.
2: They were Graveminds that were destroyed, but the recognition that the Flood’s consciousness doesn’t really die, is why the word “deactivated” was used instead of “killed”.

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That would make it the only time, that I recall, anyone using the term “deactivated” in place of killed. Which just sounds out of place to me.
I think you may be right about the stasis, though. Forerunners urge to preserve life and study the Flood would fit that as well. Also, since 343i is trying to go back to the roots, so to speak, I could see them doing a sort of “Banished/Harbinger/Keepers(maybe) somehow accidentally release a Gravemind from stasis releasing the Flood onto the ring” kind of thing like in HCE

It would be really cool to see a kind of open world Flood takeover. Kind of like in Prototype, have red zones where the Flood is trying to take over


All the rings have flood on them we know this.
Zeta also has composed on it in primordium i believe.