A rank reset at launch . . Yes/No ?

I read here . . http://updates.kotaku.com/post/34926565996/there-are-at-least-4-294-people-playing-halo-4 that a few thousand people are playing Halo 4 right now . .

I really think that 343 should do a rank reset at launch for all the people playing Halo 4 before launch for a couple of reasons . .

  1. It would discourage people from trying to/get future Halo games early, because they would know what would happen.

  2. People that are playing legitimate copies early (Which I think is ok and good for them) get to experience the full game and matchmaking early, so I think that’s fair enough.

  3. It level’s the ranks, which will make the race to max rank fair for the start of the race.

I understand both sides of this issue, and all I am saying is it would be the right thing to do I think.

People who are playing legitimate copies of Halo 4 already are lucky to experience it and they already have a head start in campaign and achievements, I really think a rank reset at launch would be a good thing for 343 to do.