A.R. range + Radar

I’m sorry but the AR accuracy at extreme range specifically the grouping. (And this is very noticeable on large maps such as when playing BtB) is TOO good, and probably need to be widened a bit. Also I don’t know if it’s how it’s scaled in the game with the environment but the 18-meter radar still feels too small.


I can definitely agree with comments about the AR. It feels like a much longer range weapon I’m the past.

Also I think a small increase in the radar range for BTB would be good.

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I definitely agree with the radar comment. This 18 meter range just “feels” too small and I can’t quite place why it feels that way I don’t know if it’s because of how the game scales it to the environment, or maybe it’s that I’m too used to bigger range radar that are in other games.

Totally agree with the AR is so annoying always got wrecked in a long range and the Sidekick also has a lot of range damaged in past Halos you can make long damage but only with the BR or DMR in Halo 5 AR was almost useless for these but in Infinite AR and Sidekick are used like long range weapons.

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I don’t have as much of an issue with the sidekick but the range of the AR is definitely an issue. And I know people are saying well it’s an AR it should have range it’s fully automatic though that’s where I draw the issue at range… Also the game feels like the ttk on all the weapons is too quick.