A "lone wolf" playlist - not what you think

I would like to see a playlist, or multiple playlists where you cannot be in a party. Most of the time this is not a problem for me, but with BF3 and MW3 around the corner its more likely I will be searching alone sometimes, and we all know what happens when you see 8 inheritors/forerunners in BTB and CTF pops up on hemmorhage and you have a couple guests on your team. Anybody with me?

Aw man, I thought there was going to be a FFA discussion. But nah, the best solution is to make a team. Commander Shepard does it on the daily, so you know its not that hard.

No. I hate the disgusting mongoloids and underaged children that infest Reach. The only reason I haven’t gone deaf from games of BTB is because of the Party Chat feature’s saving grace: the calm communication between friends and none other.

Besides, this playlist you propose would be less populated than Team Classic.