A quick Tip on Halo 4 for you all

If you are entering matchmaking alone and find you cannot win or get matched with ‘noobs’ you really need to stop complaining. I hate it when a buddy on my team says ‘Oh we are matched with noobs just kill yourself and stop playing Halo you guys’

First of all you need to switch that ‘anger’ and turn it into pure love. You need to love the team you are matched with whether they are worse than you or not. My mind set when I am matched with a bad team is this:

‘‘Ok so my team does not have a high degree of skill. If I carry on trying to be the hero alone we all are going to lose. What I need to do is stick with the worst player on my team and be his guardian angel. Together we will destroy the opposition.’’

If you carry on with the anger mind set your empire is divided and Sun Tzu states that if a empire is divided then you will lose every time. You need to find the worse player and you need to get the power weapons to him. You need to protect him at all costs and have the mind set of ‘We Spawned together and we all are going to die together no matter what’ You know with this simple trick i’ve managed to turn things around against a stacked 4 player team and caused major upsets.

As a addition if you are the worst player on your team you need to find the best player on your team and stick with him. Learn from him and learn how he works the maps. You need to get the power weapons to him and try to team shoot with him and don’t run away or hesitate. You know one thing i noticed with new players is they do not understand the power of TEAM SHOOTING. There have been times where I have seen my team mate hesitate and be cautious while i am in a DMR battle against a opponant.

Shogun Ronin

I love Noobs, just watching their perspective in theater is pure comedy lol

My teammates sometimes have a tendency to run in completely different directions, then blindly rush the enemy.

Or like the one time I played Slayer Pro, everyone runs to the other side of the map for no apparent reason and the enemy team rushed me en masse. Luckily they were also poor at planning. Sending one guy after another in isn’t the best of strategies. I swear if I wasn’t on their team the game would’ve been over in 2 minutes.

I think running across the map alone should be used for only the most veteran players. As you have seen the entire team rushed you while your team mates went to the other side of the map. You know why this happened ? Your empire was conquered because you thought you could survive multiple opponents and be a hero. You should of run with them. I think you enter a completely new level of mastery when your ‘hero’ days are over and you want to protect your weaker players.

Under no circumstances engage a entire team alone.

Obviously you can take a couple shots then when you’re a 2 shot duck for cover and run back a little for some more cover. You always need a escape route. Then again that in itself is a advanced skill because you need to have developed the ‘spidey senses’ to know when you’re about to become a one shot.

When I say running across the map alone is advanced its because of these reasons:

  • You need to know spawn points and where the enemy could potentially come from. You need to be planning possible escape routes within that moment. This all needs to be processed fast.

Obviously now quite a few players are advanced these days and it happens without them thinking about it. Halo to me now is nothing more but a game of chess. You have your openings, you have your pawns (noobs) and you have your knights and castles (think snipers and power weapon users)

Sometimes the right ‘opening’ and positioning can really turn the game around.

And if anyone has played chess you know your pawns can turn into a queen once they go all the way (have power weapons and protected) they also play quite a defensive role to the over all structure of your team because they are the ones rushing the opponents.