A Quick Microtransaction Fix

As a temporary fix to microtransactions that we could actually see, I say that there needs to be a way to earn Credits in the Campaign. Perhaps, completing a mission on easy awards 50cR, completing a mission on normal awards 100cR, heroic awards 150cR and legendary awards 200cR. There could also be additions for skulls as well. Perhaps, there could also be cR awarded for how many enemies that you kill in mission, perhaps one cR for every 5 grunts, one cR for every 3 jackals, one cR for every Brute or Elite, three cR for every hunter and so on (however, all of these enimies can only be killed once per mission so you can’t farm cR off then by resetting checkpoints, or perhaps when you reset a checkpoint it reverts back to what you had before) All of these cR get awarded to the player alongside the completion bonus at the end of the mission


Great idea but this can be abused easily. Would you be limited to a 1 time completion per mission or you can do the same mission x amount of times and keep earning credits?

i agree but on easy you should not be awarded cr or at least not 50 more like 25 cuz easy missons can go by very fast and i think there should be like in fortnite save the world where you have daylie chalenges that award cr after you complete the campaing

I think that completing the capstone should award an additional 100cr. That way people who play and complete challenges get some reward to spend how the want, but it’s not too crazy.

Basically a dollar a week, but you’d be able to buy a bundle or two by the next season.

i think that f2p people to get credits is not a good thing in infinite f2p player should get rewards yes but not not credits cuz theres no real way to put it so it fits cu in the freepass if you put in like lest say 300 cr then in season 4 people wil leataraly buy the pass for free no matter how new they are keep in mind the BP never goes away

I mean - if someone’s going to play for 10 weeks, getting each challenge for those 10 weeks, they’re putting in enough time to deserve the battlepass.

Free-to-play players are important to keep a healthy playerbase. Right now it’s not a big deal, but after a while if said players feel neglected and have nothing of value to grind towards, they’ll go elsewhere.

Additionally, there’s a ton of other stuff in the store that’s not in the battlepass, so it’s not like they’re going to unlock everything.

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The fact that an in-game currency doesn’t exist to purchase things for the store tells you everything you need to know about how they truly feel about player expression, pay to experience it instead of earning it.