A quick Halo tip and challenge

I have a jedi Halo 4 challenge for those who wish to accept it… you’ll learn something from this challenge young pada wan…

I want you to basically put a cover over your TV while playing Halo 4 matchmaking… the only thing I want you to be able to see is your RADAR…

Everyone here play a couple of games and report back.

You are allowed to see the map you’re playing on and PART of the map (the floor) the objective of this lesson will be learned after a couple of games.

But I will give you a hint: I want you to survive. Notice how quick the radar can change. It will change quicker than you expect (even for advanced players) Eventually I want you to build the skill of your eyes being able to fix on your radar even in mid-combat. It is a great skill to have. Being in a sweaty match and able to be in a BR battle while your radar is in full view. When you have this down you can take on multiple opponents.

Everyone here report back with their K/D of their first game.