A question for admin about the Halo Fest Panels

I know that the three main panels (Halo CEA, Halo 4, Halo Universe) will be uploaded to waypoint and youtube. My question is will all the other Halo Fest panels (the ones mentioned in the bulletin) eventually be uploaded onto waypoint and youtube and if so about how long after Halo Fest will they be uploaded. (I wont be able to catch the live streams)

I hope so, I want to know every little detail of information.

I hope so too.

I believe everything in the way of video will be accessible afterwards, if not here then at ign or someone else just might repost it on youtube.

I always get those 2’s mixed up, thanks.

Good thing it’s still summer. :slight_smile:

Wait, how do you get to the live streams?

ign will have live streams running.

> ign will have live streams running.

Cool, I’ll be wacthing.

Hopefully an admin. can answer this today?


Between Halo Waypoint and IGN, we’re hoping to cover as many of these as possible.

thanks for the info angel.