A question. Community Content.

So wait, what is going on with being able to browse/comment/rate/view/DOWNLOAD on the fly community made content/maps/gametypes/screentshots via Halo waypoint or ONLINE on most internet browsers when your not near a xbox. Similar to how it’s always been with Bungie.

I mean, as a player who’s played since halo 1. And bought Bungie pro to increase fileshare + render videos when Halo Reach came along. Felt like the community was going a bit further with that system around. (In a good way! Excluding the fact majority of the screenshots were of Kat’s rear during the first week of Halo Reach…Damn it community.)

The system was great, easy to use, and free.

Which in turn made the circulation of awesome new game types/maps easier! Everyone could discover and share with ease by giving just a simple LINK to said content!

Microsoft/343 aren’t planning to bring this back in form of some kind of “elite feature” at a PRICE ($$$) will they? >__>

Would suck a little to lose something that has always been around, that later comes back with the SAME features but with a price tag.

Just my two cents.