A question about playlist consolidation

If 343 can give out Recon armor and send an update that basically advertises Halo 4, then why can’t they consolidate playlists? I’m no tech expert.

343 haven’t given out Recon since the switchover and even then it was based on Tech that Bungie had made. 343 just had to flip a switch.

As for the update that advertises Halo 4, same deal. Just flipping a switch, all those things need are just a change of text. 343 didn’t need to develop any extra software for something Bungie already developed in 2007.

As of right now the playlists do not need to be changed, they’ve been like this for years. Halo 3 is going to get a boost in population but I doubt it’s going to be anything significant. There’s really no point in updating the playlists.

If you’re one of those folks who wants the playlists changed so the DLC stuff can be removed then I doubt that’s going to happen either. There’s a reason they’ve heavily discounted the DLC.

they dont know the ins and outs of halo 3 enough to change anything without breaking it.

think about this. they made halo 4 yet every time they touch it something glitches. imagine what they could do to halo 3 while having nothing to do with its development and it being 6 years old tech? i shudder to think lol.