A questioN ABOUT......OKAY FIRST, READ =)

Hello i have seen many threads about sprint, really this a -Yoink-,many people are complaining the sprint, my question is: why is the problem? is the problem about if the sprint is “infinite”? i really love the sprint, that help so much but i will hate halo 4 if the sprint will be infinite, this is the topic that all people are complaining? or the problem is the back of the sprint and halo 3 lovers what hate reach troll the sprint back?.

This is all and i am sure that the sprint will not be infinte, seriusly this is ridiculous, its halo not cod and Frank tells that halo 4 is very differnte than cod and bf,Sorry for my bad english,i speak spanish and in this moment i am learning this great idiom,Thanks.

I’m sorry. I have no idea what you just typed.

The Halo 3 lovers

Dont want to bother with this again but ill just put a list up that someone else typed (ironically in an attempt to defend sprint)

  • Sprinting only exists to make the game look more modern.
  • Sprinting allows people to run up to me and get cheap kills(especially with sword).
  • Sprinting is a coward’s tool. When I try to kill someone they run away.
  • If the Spartans ran faster you wouldn’t need sprint.
  • Remakes of maps won’t work with sprint.
  • Sprint doesn’t work in halo because it has relatively slow kill times.

Basically upping the default move speed does everything sprint does without the negative aspects of sprints.

> I’m sorry. I have no idea what you just typed.


Please re-read your post before posting lol

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