A PvP version of Firefight!

Would you enjoy a four team versus mode with Spartans vs Covenant vs Flood vs Forerunners? The aliens would would have their weapons as loadouts with other teams’ weapons as burn cards. Also, bosses would be acquirable at high req levels. I’m thinking it could be a fun 60 person, four teams of fifteen, overload of chaos! It’d also benefit 343 as they’d have more types of requisition cards to sell. Opinions?

It would be a cool idea, but 343’s servers would practically fall apart if they had to handle four teams of players, especially if they were made of more than ten players each.

I would love this, but the Flood is not developed in Halo 5 as far as I know, and most enemy races’ Spartan 'equivalent’s aren’t balanced the same as actual Spartans, making it harder to allow a player to control them. But, Bungie’s done it with Elites in past games, I’m sure 343 can figure something out.
And as Nova01 mentioned above, the servers would probably not perform well, but we can always wish.

im really hoping it can be like L4D2 where each team has ai and players