A problem with the Energy Sword

For some reason the Energy Sword is not affected by the melee modifier. This is very disappointing, as it ruins any chance of a game type on Infection where players can pick up weapons.

What I wanted to do is simple, allow humans to pick up weapons (and hence able to pick up the energy sword) but not able to use the Energy Sword as effectively as the Infected can… but I can’t do this !!!

This gametype would be so much better if we could allow weapon pick up and weapon spawns on maps but make humans less good at melee with energy swords (not just with gun melee’s)…

This problem also affects the Gravity Hammer.

I plead to Bungie to please consider implementing this small fix as I think it will add a great amount of variety to infection games if weapon pick up for humans could be a viable alternative.

regards TheUnbeholden
& the undersigned.