A problem with 1 perk announced.

There is going to be a double health perk. How is that going to work with HALO?! :frowning: Your thoughts v

Now, arguably I’m a pretty dull and gullible person. But this statement of yours demands proof.

proof or it didnt happen

There won’t be

Source please?

when did u get this info by chance?

Just a minute my iPad needs to be alive post in a few minutes.

First I have heard of it, and considering that they are not called ‘perks’ contrary to popular belief, I’m calling shenanigans.

from google news on halo 4 > Link really hard to see. Xbox Games, News & Reviews | GamesRadar+


Sorry a little too early in the morning, but it can be OFFICIAL or it can be FAKE, no one has played the game. Plus everyone can be a little positive or awnser the question of what your thoughts might be on this specific perk if it was true.

I had to re-edit this, im a lil loopy in the morning.


If you actually read it, you would see this is OXMs hopes for Halo 4, nothing official, nor confirmed.

Link or it didn’t happen

> Link or it didn’t happen

I posted a link kid.


> Do you even know what an example is?

I posted the freakin thing up there ^ READ MY POSTS.

> > Link or it didn’t happen
> I posted a link kid.

LOL, that’s just how OXM THINKS how “perks” would work (albeit poorly) not an actual confirmation on how perks will actually work in the game.


The title of the article says “Halo 4 “perks”: five ways they could actually work”.
This is OXM speculating on what the game mechanics could be and how they can possibly work.