A probable Fix for the tu

Looking at the forums here and on Bungie.net it is clear that some people like the title update and others don’t.

Many people, including myself, would like the title update gametypes in their own playlists because I would rather play original Reach multiplayer in all the standard playlists, such as squad slayer and multi-team. It’s not that I think the title update is the worst thing ever, there are some good ideas in there, but I would prefer all the playlists that Bungie left us with would stay original.

Here is what I think could help with the problem, its not perfect but I think it would be beneficial to multiplayer :

  • Take TU gametypes out of squad slayer, multi-team and team objective
  • Make a TU slayer playlist and a TU objective playlist
  • Make Arena have TU gamestypes
  • Possibly a few more TU playlists in the future
  • Adding a premium or dlc battle playlist wouldn’t be a terrible idea either

With a fix like this there would be a casual TU slayer playlist and a the more competitive TU Arena, in addition to TU gametypes already in the Anniversary playlists. There already are casual and competitive zero bloom playlist with MLG and ZB slayer. These playlists would satisfy casual and competitive players that want TU gamestypes, while keeping the majority of playlists with standard gametypes to satisfy the players that enjoy original Reach multiplayer.

It may split the community even more then it is at the moment, but I think that is what a lot of us want. And we should remember that many people bought Bungie’s Halo Reach and I believe the standard Reach playlists should stay untouched.

Post your crits, comments and helpful ideas (I’m not sure why I even put this last sentence in, this topic is just going to be flamed like the rest)…

I agree with the sentiment, though i really dispute that 85% is more competitive than 100%. I think its less competitive, ive been playing squad slayer and team objective, and 85% bloom just seems like DMR on easy mode to me. Ive been spamming consistent headshots from roughly 3/4 of the length of an average 4v4 sized map with great success, infact ive been spamming it all the time and it doesnt seem to matter much at all. It just feels cheap.

I could support restoring the original hoppers back to vanilla, cutting the lowest 3 or 4 by population and then introducing 3 or 4 dedicated TU playlists, with a good mix of gametypes between them. This would give us Vanilla reach, MLG, Anniversary and TU, all compartmentalised and serving their respective devotees. Its obvious from these forums atleast that there seems to be some irreconcilable differences in opinion regarding the TU changes and in pretty even proportion on both sides, and the changes are WAY too contentious to force onto the whole game, so perhaps segregation is the way to go for a lasting peace.

Thanks for a legitimate post. I agree that the 85% bloom on the DMR makes it way to cheap, I don’t want Halo 2’s BR back. The thing I like about Bungie’s Halo games is each time the multiplayer changed, we shouldn’t be going backwards now that Bungie is gone.

> - Make Arena have TU game types



A casual Reach player that agrees with the division of the 2 community’s… Next question is why isn’t it happening?

I would consider myself much more than a casual player :stuck_out_tongue: I play nearly everyday, and I consider myself pretty good at Halo.
I just don’t play arena, but that doesn’t mean I’m a casual player, I just don’t like DMR spawns all the time. I liked ranked better then arean, but that was mostly because it actually affected your rank where arena doesn’t.

But thanks for the good comments people.