A possible solution to the microtransactions

I was thinking about how the customization and store in halo infinite could change so that it would benefit both the player base and 343.

First: have two separate leveling up systems: the battle pass and a base leveling up system. This would be similar (not exactly like, just kind of like) the leveling up system in the recent cod games. A base number of levels anybody can level up in for free abs get free content, with the battle pass system still being a paid leveling up system with more interesting rewards.

Second: something needs to change with the emblems and armor coatings. The emblems and armor coatings are separated for the player, the vehicle, and the weapon. If an armor coating or emblem is earned, there’s no reason you should have to earn/buy the emblem or coating for three separate categories. On a similar note is shoulders, where each side is earned separately, which only expounds the battle pass more then it needs to be.

Third: more specifically on the armor coatings. There should be some way for players to customize their Spartan with basic primary and secondary colors. This can be on option for every player, and it will leave only unique armor coatings (and I do mean unique armor coatings) to be earned/bought.

Fourth: with how much emphasis 343 had on “earning” most of the stuff in the game, there’s a lot of content stuck behind a paywall. A solution to this is for players to have a way to actually earn credits. This can connect back to my first point about leveling up. Credits could be earned in the battle pass, a set amount at certain tiers. Also, with that leveling up idea I had, people could earn a certain amount of credits for each level they progress in. Or, they can earn credits for how well they played alongside earning xp

This would probably take some time to implement, but it would definitely serve halo infinite in the long run. As a long time halo fan, I’ve always loved how I was able to earn all the armor in some way. Even in halo 5, despite the poor microtransaction system in it, you could still technically earn most of the customization just by playing the game.

Edit: I don’t like the idea of micro transactions, but if 343 is making halo infinite’s multiplayer free to play, they need to earn money off of it somehow. Do keep that in mind.