A Possible Solution to "Micro" Transactions

I’m gonna try to keep this short and sweet. I hate micro transactions (If we can even call them that anymore), but I have an idea that I really think would benefit both the player base AND 343. I miss the days when we got to work towards rewards. I understand that having a game F2P vs paid can be a much more profitable way to have a game but I think this solution could work.

What if they added all or most cosmetic items to separate battle passes and release them together. Allow players to choose which battle pass to buy or if they choose we could buy multiple and simply activate whichever one we wanted our experience to be added to while we play. They could even have shorter, 50 level battle passes with this idea. This would allow players like myself to simply grind it out to unlock items that we want, and it would also benefit 343 as the whales would be able to purchase the entire battle pass.

I don’t know about you but I would much rather purchase 3 or 4 battle passes and unlock cosmetics over time instead of purchasing them from the store.


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That would cost way to much. If anything might as well make multiplayer paid if your ganna spend that much.

So basically you want them to recycle paid items in the store, and give them back to us for free?

What would they gain from that? What was the point of it being paid content to begin with?

I think the solution is that they just need to give free players some way of getting paid content. Like the free BattlePass would have some Halo bucks in there, that way if you grinded enough you could get a really cool item.

Your solution and my solution are basically two sides of the same coin, I just think I’d rather they not create hundreds of BattlePasses filled with junk, instead I’d rather people just save up for an item or two they actually care about.

Yeah, get rid of the dumb battle pass and use the shop for its actual intended purpose, problem solved.

The battle pass has caused a hell of a lot of issues for this game and besides that, what does it really offer anyone knowing the game is Barebone?