A possible Armor Lock fix?

Like the title says a fix. I dislike armor lock. I don’t use armor lock. I don’t lose (often) to armor lock. I do however still feel as if it’s over powered and needs tweaking. I understand it shouldn’t be removed due to the fact then we’d lose players for it. So here is what I suggest:

  1. Reduce the use time to three seconds instead of five.

  2. Make it so the armor ability can’t be spammed but instead once activated doesn’t deactivate until the armor ability orb is used up.

With these mere tweaks the armor ability would take a bit more skill to use properly. This would also stop people from raging about it slowing down the game as much. Finally this would help with the people that run in to pummel and just armor lock to block the other guy and get away free (I don’t see what’s so hard about pummeling an armor locked target but what ever). I don’t really care about the whole like half a second of frost after they exit it. The EMP blast never seems to bother me. The fact that it blows up vehicles as a reason people dislike it makes me laugh also.

Just something to consider.

Best fix I think would be for AL to drain your shields if you are in it for more than a second (maybe slightly longer), along with removing EMP damage and sticky shedding.

It would still be an anti vehicle AA as well as offering protection while preventing the AL standoffs that currently happen.

I disagree with what you think needs to be fixed.

With what I think, it cannot be disagreed upon unless you are a troll or not smart.

You can use Armor lock to clip other players through solid objects. Effectively breaking maps.

A must fix in the TU.

I’ve always thought that you should have to stay in first person view when you went into armor lock. Yeah, you’d have invincibility, but you’d have to look at the ground and wouldn’t be able to see a 360 degree view. This would make it so people would have to think about if they’d benefit from using it or not.

Reduce Armor Lock (AL) to its most basic component, as stated by the title. Basically, remove every single aspect of it until it becomes an AA that only allows brief bursts of invincibility.


  • EMP.
  • Shield recharge while in AL.
  • Stun effect when hitting AL.
  • Frosting (whether it’s a glitch or not).
  • 360 degree turnaround.
  • 360 degree view.
  • Plasma grenade shedding when stuck before going into AL.

And so on and so forth. Strip AL of all its extraneous properties and make it so that it becomes the AA that it was meant to be: a short burst of invincibility to protect against harmful damage.

Of course, modifications have to be made to the invincibility. Such changes include:

  • Implementing a forced timer on the AL. Simply put, once you activate AL, you have to stay in AL for that duration.
  • Each full charge of AL has two uses.
  • Each use lasts 1-2 seconds. I prefer 1 second, simply because it would take much more skill to time for a perfect deflection than 2 seconds.

With these modifications and removals, which I’ve thought through very clearly, AL won’t be the annoying, broken, and detrimental-to-gameplay AA that it is right now. Instead, it would be a much more skill-based AA that fulfills its original purpose.

Of course, this is only if AL’s going to be included in regular MM. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind at all if it was removed completely, even from BTB and Invasion. Squad Slayer seems to flow perfectly fine without it.