A Playlist Example For Halo 5

I have come up with a playlist selection screen that would work with the document sent to 343’s ideas and that I feel is an improved upon hybrid of Halo 3 and Reach. I would like to see any other Ideas, or something I missed. There are 4 points I would like explain, so they have an asterix and number beside them.


Slayer Rumble (6 player FFA slayer Variants [Slayer/SWAT/Slayer Pro etc.])

Objective Rumble (6 player Objective Gametypes [KOTH/Headhunter/Regicide/Oddball (no Throwing)/Juggernaut etc.])

Team Slayer (4v4 Team Slayer Variants [Slayer/Slayer Pro etc.])

Team Objective (5v5 Team Objective Gametypes [Stockpile/Regicide/Oddball/KOTH/VIP/CTF/Assault etc.])

SWAT (4v4 Team Swat, Game Loadouts, BR or Carbine W/Magnum Starts, 3 DMR/LRs on map, control of these can be devastating)

Snipers (4v4 Team Sniper Variants [Snipers Pro{No Radar, 1 Grenade}/Shotty Snipers{Shotgun, Sniper and 1 Grenade}/Snapshots {No Beam Rifles!!! no Grenades}])

Team Doubles (2v2 Slayer and Objective Gametypes/Variants [Slayer/Swat/Oddball/Headhunter/KOTH/Regicide etc.])

Rotating Double XP weekend Gametype Variants (eg. Slashy Snipers, SWATpotato, SHAWTguns etc.)

All playlists Have an Individual Rank (except Double XP) plus your overall skill. Then you have a customization rank.

(Non Ranked versions of all the above), you still earn Customization rank XP.

Oddball (8 player [Team and FFA mix-up] Can be thrown in this playlist)

BTB (8v8 Slayer and Objective Mix [Slayer/Assault/CTF/Territories/Invasion/Dominion etc.]

Super BTB (assuming we get a 16+ lobby in Halo 5, basically the same as BTB)

Invasion (6v6 Invasion Variants [Invasion Slayer/Invasion etc.])

Trio Multi-Team (4 teams of 3 Slayer and Objective Gametypes/Variants [Slayer/CTF/Stockpile/Headhunter/Oddball etc.])

Duo Multi-Team (6 teams of 2 Slayer and Objective Gametypes/Variants [Slayer/CTF/Stockpile/Headhunter/Oddball etc.])


Grifball (4v4 Hilarity [Classic {No Throwing}/ Grifball {Throwing Allowed}])

Fiesta (4v4 Fiesta Variants [Classic/Fiesta Carnivale! {Randow Weapons, AA, Grenade type and power up <Speed Boost, Active Camo, Overshield>}])

Flood*1 (12 player Flood Variants [Alpha Flood/Flood/Duck Hunt!]

Rotational Community Gametype (Changes every two weeks)


Campaign Score Attack*2 (Earn the High Score on a mission [You choose up to 3 gold skulls (Any number of silvers, except cowbell])

Campaign Challenge Playlist (Search for a group to take on the weekly Campaign challenge [Can still do solo/set up your own lobby])

Firefight Score Attack*3 (Earn the High Score in Firefight Variants [Individual leader-boards for each variant]lasts 1 round)

Firefight Wing-man (Doubles Firefight Variants, finish a set to win [5 lives]

Firefight squad (4 team Firefight Variants, finish two sets to win [10 lives])

Firefight Versus*4 (3v3 team firefight [Storm vs Spartans/Covenant Elites]

  • 1 Flood should keep the character models [Enhance a bit obviously] but give us back all the old options and more. I will leave it to you guys to think of some awesome things these guys could have)
  • 2 This Should have a viewable friends list leaderboard available to view outside a game, It also lists the skulls, deaths, best spree, best multikill and time taken
  • 3 The same as *2 really, but for Firefight Score Attack, also lists the biggest kill.

4* This isn’t as simple as a couple of Storm Elites being actual players. The Elites can command groups where to go, both Spartans and Elite can ca in support troops wen on sprees. the higher the spree, the better the support group.
They would be:

  • Spree Medal Spartan/ Covenant Elites Reward*
    Killing Spree AR Marine Squad (4)
    Killing Frenzy BR Marine Squad (4)
    Running Riot CQC Marine Squad (4)
    Rampage Sniper Marine Squad (4)
    Untouchable Explosives Marine Squad (3)
    Invincible Assault Spartans (AR/BR/DMR)(3)
    Inconceivable Specialist Spartans (Camo/Shotguns/Snipers)(3)
    Unfrigginbelievable Explosives Spartans (Rocket Launchers)(2)
  • Storm Elites Reward*
    Killing Spree PP Grunt Squad (5)
    Killing Frenzy Needler Grunt Squad (5)
    Running Riot Carbine/ Shielded Jackal Squad (4)
    Rampage Sniper Jackals (4)
    Untouchable Specialist Elites(4)
    Invincible Hunters (2)
    Inconceivable Promethean Knights Scattershots/ LRs(3)
    Unfrigginbelievable Promethean Knights (Binary R. Inc. Cannons)(2)

Now, obviously, those last ones are not gonna happen alot, but with this new method in which you earn sprees, they will show a bit more. All spree’s require 10 enemy kills for the elites and 20 for Spartans (because they have more potential kills) in Firefight Versus. Players are worth two kills to that count. Now sprees are a collective multiplier for the team, and the player who earned the current spree is a VIP. if that player is killed, the spree is reset. in other word, its like a relay. you want the player who is in least danger to be carrying your spree. for example. The game starts. The 3 Spartans are killing foes, their kills are all adding to the spree count. one player gets ten kills, one teammate gets 9, but the last teammate gets the 20th kill. He holds the spree. If he dies, the spree is reset, if any of the other two die, it is safe. if a different player gets the next spree medal, he is the new carrier, but if he is not safe, he can decline it and the old holder keeps it. This promotes ALOT of teamwork to get the Higher rewards. In Custom Firefight, you can edit the support drops, change from troops to weapons, or even the actual troops, and there would be more options than what I posted. Different maps could have different support troops. 15 initial lives. killing an elite gives the spartan a life. and a killing spree earns them one. and every spree adds a extra life to the current amount. so frenzy +2, running riot +3, and it caps at +3, one per player

What do you think of these playlists and new Firefight mode?