A platinum in Champions??

Ok so I’m a level 46 platinum, on this game in SWAT. So tell me why this ‘balanced’ matchmaking thinks it’s completely fair to put me against CHAMPIONS AND 3 ONYXES EVERY GAME. Go check my clips//screenshots on my profile on Xbox for proof of this trash. It’s not in any way fair or fun.

Your most recent game was a Champion & 2 Onyxes & a Platinum vs a Champion & an Onyx & 2 Platinums [you]. And the score was close in a SWAT match.

That was one of your two games out of 15 that ever involved a Champion. The other one was in a team of at least two with a Diamond. [Edit: I was off, it was a full fireteam, a team of 4.]

I’m not gonna pretend that the matchmaking system is all sunshine and rainbows, but you didn’t fight a Champion and 3 Onyxes, it didn’t happen every game, and it’s not the absolute worst example of the matchmaking.

There was a time I was a Platinum player in SWAT where I went up against a Champion 2 and 4 at the same time. I put up one hell of a fight, but they overwhelmed me in the end.

Back when they first came out with doubles, I was bronze, and my team mate was on his fourth match he had ever played, and we faced two Champions. My team mate quit and I tried the Reach approach, and was slaughtered, but did get two kills. Most of the time, it is good. I have had tons of close games!

SWAT and FFA have looser skill search gaps.

If I remember correctly, it’s something like every 30 seconds of search time it loosens the skill gap by like a rank or half a rank. This would mean that if you have to wait like 3 minutes to find a match, you may not be with/against players in your own skill bracket. If you want to avoid this you can back out of searches if they take too long or search under Focused.

theres no swat population for the champs to beat up on. my advice to everyone STOP PLAYING SWAT. the top 200 is all secondary tags and 65% of the diamond and onyxs are smurfs. i know people with notebooks with over 150 tags just for swat

I was diamond 6 in sniper last season, at every game I found a team of 2 champions and 2 onyx, in team.

Listen depending on the population of the playlist can determine the rank differences. The ranking system is not exactly screwed up. When I was a diamond in swat and I played late at night I kept matching the same people and majority of all those player i played were champs and onyx. It had to do with the fact that not that many player in the same skill area were playing. So I got matched with the higher bunch versus the lower bunch. But it’s common for swat and ffa to have the screwed up ranking system.