A Pet Peeve about Dominion

This isn’t necessarily the game’s fault more than the noobs plaing this playlist. They should honestly have a training tutorial on the scoring system when you first start playing, because there have been countless times where my team has been down 390 to 330 or 360, and none of my teammates go for the other team’s base that has the lowest countdown. Instead, everyone goes for B to either capture it or defend it, and we end up losing.

Just a quick tip for those who don’t quite understand. When the opposing team is at 390, go after their base with the lowest countdown to resupply.

dominion really does need a tutorial

there’s a short-but-steep learning curve.

and even if you’re awesome you get dragged down by a bad team ( like any playlist)

I think its a good idea for 343i to make a nice tutorial for all of the game types. just so everyone is on the same page about what to do and when to do it.

Yeah I don’t even know how dominion score system works. I just jumped into it with a group of friends when it was on the daily challenges, saw that it gave free binary rifles and free incineration cannons, and we never played it. ever. again. Lol