A peak into the mind of those upset (For those who don't get it)

Halo, since customization was added, has always been a game of: you want it, you earn it. Even Halo 5, when the “loot boxes” were introduced, you could play, earn the points, and buy the boxes with those points.

Halo Infinite is such a 180 from this “classic” Halo sentiment that it has shocked a lot of people. The Master Chief Collection, which had old and NEW customization added to the game alongside the development of Halo Infinite is still drastically different.

Most people who are shocked are long time fans of Halo. The multiplayer here was dropped on the 20th anniversary of Halo, calling all Halo fans who are coming to play this new game to see what the new version has in store, only for these long time fans to realize that they are no longer the target audience of their favourite game.

The F2P model is a smart way to get new players without the barrier of paying for the full-price game, but fans, new and old, still find it cumbersome and restricting because they can’t get what they want (and have had in the past) out of the game. A lot of people think that the way they have approached the F2P model has also gone too far: locking things behind paywalls when in the past they could get everything by earning it.

I’m not here to give suggestions as to what could be better, there are already a million threads about that. What I hope to do is show the new players (and hopefully 343) why people are upset with the game in it’s current state.

TLDR: Essentially the target audience for this multiplayer “beta” is realizing they aren’t the target audience for the game as a whole, and that would be upsetting to anyone.


I’m going to let you in on a secret, friend. Those people understand completely what the problems folks have are. At this point, most of them pretend they don’t out of spite. They like the game and can’t stand that anyone would complain. So they purposefully misrepresent the issue and ignore 343’s own words about player customization being important. It’s sad, but they aren’t in the business of being honest.


I think thats what all the anger, shock and being upset is all about. Being not the audience addressed.
You already said it, this would be upsetting to anyone. Still I am upset and want 343 to also give some love back although I am aware of what you say. :smiley:

I guess thats reality @DrHalseyFan .

You raise interesting points, though I don’t think being ‘left behind’ is the core of veterans’ concerns.

I’ve been playing Halo almost exclusively for the past 20 years, and I couldn’t care less if I was the target audience. I’m in my 30s, have a family of my own, and a business to run. I have bigger things to worry about than whether 343 cares more about my dollars or a tween with their parents’ credit card.

I’m upset because after a 1-year ‘extension’, 343 delivered a product that is incomplete, overpriced, and fails to incorporate fairly consistent feedback from the technical preview and this ‘beta’. This upsets me because (i) I’m a Halo fan and I want the franchise to succeed; and (ii) I’m a Microsoft shareholder, and I don’t think the current model has a market-relevance shelf life longer than 12 months.


The target here is your wallet. They could care less if you played since 2001 or just now picked it up because its free. The game was built to be a cash cow and they are gonna milk the -Yoink!- off of it.

I’m really enjoying the game. I have some complaints about the leveling rate, and I would like to see every customization be earnable with enough time put in. But I’m not going to absolutely hate on the game for what is, at the end of the day, an inconsequential part of it. I’ve put $10 into the game for the Battle Pass, and that’s it. I’m not going to put any more money in. I can play Halo multiplayer in its entirety for free, and I’m really happy about that. It’s what I’ve wanted for years.

Again, I’m not completely happy with the current state of the monetization and progression, but give it time to improve. The game isn’t even officially released yet. And without the multiplayer subscription money coming in (because don’t forget that Halo multiplayer has always previously been locked behind subscription fees), Microsoft needs to be able to pull money in to keep hosting and updating the game. Without that cash flow, the game will cease to exist.

The community needs to focus on giving them meaningful feedback. Keep telling them what you want, and what you don’t like, so that they can improve. But the absolutely sky high level of vitriol I’ve seen from this community lately is really disheartening.