A pair of quick forge questions

First question:
On the “Impact” there are pieces that look like elevators called “Base Transition.” They are created using the “Structures: Impact” palette. Do they actually function as elevators, and if so, how do I get them to function properly?

Second question:
When placing turrets for base defenses, how do I get the turrets to function properly (well, at all, really)?

I’m great with structures, but all the new toys have me a bit befuddled.

I was wondering the same thing about the elavator thing, but for the turrets set them to your team color and they should work, you just have to build them.

Last I checked you would need a gravity lift, and I don’t know concerning the turrets.

Station Transitions are meant to be used with the Gravity Volume item.
You will need to ‘double up’ on the gravity volumes if you want them to lify you up like a slow Grav-Lift.

…or you could just use a grav lift.

Dominion Turrets can be placed on any map in any game type.
Just make sure you set the TEAM of the turrets, so it know to shoot the OTHER team.
Also, I think it helps to set the Spawning Order to “1”…instead of zero.

Players will then need to MANUALLY bring the turrets online, just like they do in Dominion.

Hope that helps.

Blast. I was hoping to be able to film a Mantis-coming-up-an-elevator scene.