A paid tier system for creating your own armor is way better than this silly marketplace!

There are many ways for gaming company’s to make money but this is not a healthy way to do it 343i
This market place is so silly im just so surprised on the idea lol its not progressive and timeless and is not creating a healthy gaming culture .

ok so the best way to do this is to create a tier system of armor customizations where devs can upload different armor pieces for us to customize at a cost obviously !

So depending what level you choose you can get creative with your own Spartans which is what everyone was expecting i do not no why this was not thought of as its a naturals progression to forge mode please don’t be destructive the market place is so silly this market place business model you are trying to achieve is not a good idea at all in fact its the total opposite the market place need to go and you should be giving us our creative spark back and an app should also follow where we can show of our creations its all about creating a healthy social and gaming culture i hope your listening 343i no disrespect but this is not what was meant to be here !