A noob question


Im very new to Halo, in fact somewhat new to first-person shooters as a whole. But in recently trying to get the hang of multi-player through match-making, Ive gotten a bit frustrated with one aspect. I started figuring I would get my butt slammed, but how is it a level 2 (for example) can kick the bejesus out of every other player? Obviously, they know what they are doing. Are people simply creating additional accounts or are you able to reset your level somehow?

And yeah, there is the possibility that I simply suck that badly.


Could possibly be just a really good player who bought the game recently or a high level player with a second account.
There are usually people on here looking for team mates and of course there is the regular Waypoint Community Carnage Night (WCCN). I’d suggest signing up for that so you have people to play with :slight_smile:

Thanks. After reading through the posts a bit, there are discussions of modders and cheaters. Is that along the same lines or something completely different?
Cheers, Brad

Those are people who manipulate the network connection to reset challenges or similar deeds. I wouldn’t worry about that. The banhammer will be swift on those who mod or cheat.

your best bet would be to stick to team games where it’s more about luck and skill than just knowing map layouts. try grifball, thats where i got started as i’m quite new to online gaming myself. my gamertag is my profile name so add me if you want :slight_smile: