A no training wheels game mode

I want a game mode where it removes all the handicaps.

No weapon pads.

No power up pads.

No grenade pads

(All power ups etc. Will still be there just not on pads.)

No sound cues.

No highlited weapons or grenades.

No easy to use weapons like the sword.

No radar.

BR or camando or sidekick starts.

No automatics.

Removed outlines

No equipment

I want this mode to be as hard as possible. No help. No handicaps. Nothing easy. Barely anything that gives you any advantage. Just raw gun skill and nothing else

You can already opt into this highly exclusive game mode via the Steam application. All you have to do is search for a game that isn’t Halo Infinite.


Sounds a lot like “just play MCC”

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Then why the hell are you still here? If you’re still whining about wanting to play MCC, then just go play MCC. Loaded up your forum history and did a text search for MCC and three days ago you literally said “Sounds a lot like ‘go back to MCC’”

Dude. We get it. You want to play MCC. Go play it then.


Practically all of these things basically help newer players, but make zero difference to skilled players. Removing them would hurt new players and not make the game more competitive for the better players anyway.

Equipment is very well balanced and actually increases the skill gap.


I asked for a game mode not the entire game to play like this

Equipment gives you advantages, in this mode I want little to no advantages.

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No. I want to play this game and it’s not like I’m asking for the entire game to play like this. Just one game mode. I would’ve been playing MCC already if that was the case

When forge comes out make yourself a custom game for it.

There will never be a playlist like that though, little appetite for it.


No one would play this game mode except for you because it removes literally everything that makes a Halo game its own thing. The queue times would take forever and it would be a giant ghost town.

It doesn’t actually sound like it because you’re not interested in 99% of the features/content within the game. You want literally three weapons and nothing else.

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Most could be done in forge sure but the outlines and weapon outlines and sound cues can’t be removed

No shot 343 makes a hardcore mode. It’s just not the type of game for it. Arena shooters kinda require half the things you listed. A baseless complaint imo.

Removes everything that makes Halo its own thing? What? You do know that most of these things were never in halo before right? I don’t remember these things in halo 2 or Halo 3. If anything this game mode would be more like Halo then what we currently have. And who knows who would play it. You don’t know if players would click on it or not

What does arena require? Most of these things were never in classic Halo. It’s not even a complaint. I’m literally asking for a game mode. Not complaining about it.

You want no weapon spawns (Halo always had weapon spawns), no power ups (Halo always had power ups), no grenade pads (Halo always had grenade spawns on map), no sound cues (Halo, to an extent, had sound cues), no power weapons, no radar (Halo always had radar), no automatics (Halo always had automatic weapons), removed outlines (Halo always changed team colors to make players more visible).

Bro. Re read the post. I specifically said PADS.

power ups, power weapons, and weapon pickups would still be in. I literally wrote this in the post

No radar and no autos have been tried before.

Outlines don’t belong in halo but they should be a toggle for those who want it but in the game.mode I want it shouldn’t be allowed

Hmmm gonna have to go into detail why these are handicaps. Handicaps actually make the game harder, it sounds like you want to remove advantages so you can have a handicapped experience.

Hopefully when forge comes out you can make your wish come true.

Sounds like a pretty flavorless experience if I’m being honest. Removing pads won’t make the game harder though.

How do they make it harder? Because everyone can see the items easily?

We all know why these things are in halo. For new comers and people who get stressed out over not being able to find a gun on the floor

Yes removing the pads would make it harder because then people would have to time everything like back in the days without cues and highlights everywhere

Perhaps I read your post with a negative tone towards existing game modes. If that wasn’t your intention then I apologize.

Weapons, powerups, and grenades are the core of Arena shooters though which is why I think they’ll never make a hardcore mode with the features (or lack there of) that you requested. Classic Halo (I assume you mean Halo 1?) didn’t even have multiplayer so I don’t think that’s a good comparison.

Sounds like a boring mlg mode to me but if enough wsnt that then I hope ye get it

Let me show you why I’m confused:

How? If there’s no power up pads and thus they cannot spawn, where do power ups come from?

How? You said no easy to kill weapons like the sword, which leads me to believe you don’t want power weapons. If there are no weapon pads, how would there be weapon pickups?