A new Waypoint is needed

To Staff:

I don’t mind to see in the news in a weekly basis: tattoos, IRL, cakes and all those staff, etc

But I would like:

  • To read real news such the announce of HALO Escalation.
  • To read reviews of games such as RISK HALO Wars, Strategy Interactive Game, RISK HALO Legendary edition.
  • To read examples of books such as The Art of HALO 4, The Art of Building Worlds.

Waypoint must be a real waypoint, where you can find everything related to HALO. I miss a breakdown of everything you could buy (even if it’s sold out). I want to see every toy series, every book, etc

There are no excuse to have it, you have budget and people. The answer seek the internet is not valid, because THIS is Waypoint

All tough I’m used to Waypoint being later with news than some other fan sites

I do miss a lot of stuff in the Universe section and things like The Anatomy of Halo. Those were always fun. or the Inside 343 articles.

Sometimes something new is introduced but it never hold out for more that a week or 2.

and the articles That waypoint has are a bit pre-Halo 4. Still fun but not up to date.