A New Vision - The New Face of Gaming!

Hello everyone,
GUNNER here from AnV - A New Vision.

I am formally invite YOU to join our fun and enjoyable Gaming Community.

Heres some Info:
:diamonds:We are mutli-Platform (Xbox 360, Xbox ONE, and PS4)
:diamonds:We play all games including Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and so many more.
:diamonds:We have awards for professional and user-friendly website from high end organizations.
:diamonds:Military Style Rank Structure
:diamonds:Active website with Easy to access support.
:diamonds:Powerful and friendly Leadership
:diamonds:Multimedia Teams(Design Team, Event Staff, Gaming News Team, and even our own radio!)
:diamonds:Social Media Websites: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
:diamonds:Active community in events and tournaments
:diamonds:Over 250 Members(easy to find people to play with)
:diamonds:You are promoted in our community by Interaction and Leadership skills
:diamonds:Very organized
:diamonds:Active Clan Wars participant in Call of Duty: Ghosts
:diamonds:Competitive and Casual Gaming Opportunities
:diamonds:The opportunities for Success in AnV is at its all time High!

Theres some basic stuff to tell you, if you want to know more, let me know

If you’re interested in joining the community,

Hope to see you on our website!

Best Regards,
~~AnV Founder and Leader; Gunner

If you guys do halo 4 clan battles HMU. hope to face you guys.