A new spartan armour ability

I know that this will not happen in halo 5

But i would like to knwo what the community thinks about the idea of more as one armour ability that just thrusters.

Halo 5 has shown us what a single ability could be used for, but i would like the expand that. My first idea would be the shields pack. This pack would create by a simple press a drop shield like we know it from halo 3 but like in reach it is destroyable, if you activate this in a doorframe, then there wont be a bubble but a much stronger shield which will only be in the doorframe. This can be used to deent bases and core rooms aginst enemy fire. By holding the the ability button your shild would become inpenetratable like the armour lock in reach. you also cant move or fire your weapon. But you can still be assassinated, and there wont be an emp when the ability stops. This lock down will cause your shields to slowy drop while it is active. The activation of the bubble will cause the half of your shields.
The standart shields will be for this user 10%higher than for a thruster user.

I have 2 other packs as an idea but lets see how the haters will rage now :smiley:

I dont like the pack idea at all cause it infers that players would have different base stats. Honeslty the ability pick ups in reach were broken, the only things that should change base player stats are cloak, and OS. Anything just creates an overly complex system that goes beyond weapon pick ups and would most likely be ignored.

I’d just like Equipment from Halo 3 to come back like Regens, bubble shields, and power drains. They were capable to turning the tables of close games and made it so certain vehicles couldn’t dominate a match so easy. You could easily take down a banshee if you knew how to throw a drain or get the jump on a hog with a trip mine.

That was the idea in reach, to give players the beter way for playing their own style with the armour abilitys.