a new medal

Perhaps they could have this new medal for people who cherrypick (steal kills). For every person who gets the assist medal, the person who got the kill should get a cherrypick medal. It would even have sprees like assists do.

Cherrypick Spree-5
Kill Stealer-10

Just a thought.


I’d hate to get a “you’re a kill-stealing derp” medal for helping out a teammate

i like this idea.

stealing kills is bad for your team friends, but it’s good for the teamwork. Shooting 2vs1 is better always.

others posible medals:


  • +5 spread
  • +10 spread
  • +15 spread
  • 20 or more spread
  • top team player (best spread in your team)
  • top game player (best spread in the game)

15 in a row= garabge collector

Heh. Sure. Why not. I like the idea of sprees, too. Now if someone says I’m a kill stealer, and I’ve only got 3 or so Cherrypick medals, I can say “Nope!”

How about a noscope medal? If it is able to be processed that you get a headcase when you get a headshot on someone sprinting, then im sure it can be done when youre not scoped in.

5 - Cherrypick Spree
10 - Pick N’ Save
15 - Cherry Pie

Its a good idea but I think we have enough medals as it is.

-.- no! in this way coop team play dies, and your help to a teammate becomes a steal…

What if you earn 0 cR for it?

Assists get you 6 cR. Cherrypicks get you nada. No reason to go for the kill-steal (except being a jerk).


Not every kill you get with the help of a teammate is kill steal. Say you’re shooting a guy, and a friend chips in a few bullets to help out. You get the kill, he gets an assist and you get a ‘cherrypicker’ medal. Now how is that fair?