A New Idea For Another Content Update

My idea for another content update is The Artifacts of Reach update and its REQs would include the Falcon and its variants (So that there is an alternative for the Wasp and everyone can stop complaining about it), variants for the Wasp (Corp, Urban, Woodland, Tundra, and ONI), the Plasma Launcher and variants, the Grenade Launcher and variants, different skins for the Memories of Reach armor, a mythic Noble armor that is an exact copy of Carter’s armor, and the Mark V armor and a battle damaged variant mythic armor that is based of Noble Six’s default armor and his armor at the end of Reach. Players can only get the Mark V by playing 20 games in Halo Reach (normal armor) and complete the Halo Reach campaign on Legendary solo (battle damaged variant).
If you think mine is not good enough, list in any new ideas for new content updates for Halo 5 Guardians with a title and the REQs included below.

It’s not good enough- sarcasm

The Wasp can’t have Corp, Urban, Woorland, and Tundra variants. Since the Wasp is fairly new and was only recently commissioned, I highly doubt that Liang-Dortmund ever got ahold of a single Wasp. Also, why would a vehicle blend in with the ground if it’s in the sky?

The only variants I can see happening for the Wasp is ONI and Hannibal.
ONI: Significantly increased armor, explosive rounds loaded into its machine guns, and rockets that not only do more damage but also lock on to both air and ground targets.
Hannibal: Significantly increased shield strength, gauss repeaters from the Hannibal Scorpion anti-infantry turret, missiles from the Hannibal Mantis, and improved engines allowing for faster speeds and greater mobility.

Really dont care much right now for reqs, just want more game modes and the ability TO CUSTOMIZE MY SPARTAN DOWN TO THE SHOULDER PIECE. More armor would be cool I guess

Seems like a brutal new collection to add. The WASP doesn’t need that many variants, i’d say ONI and Hannibal would be enough.

As for variants of the Pro pipe, plasma launcher, falcon… Armor skins… Oh dear lord and heaven save me. No no no no. Just no my good sir, OP alot.

Falcon would be a huge maybe, being the flying cardboard box it already is. Pro pipe without variants… Well that could work but let’s not add all the old Bungie weapons back in. Same goes for the Plasma launcher, even tho it’d be great to see it return but ONLY as the actual variant we know. Not with 2 additional variants of it.

And we don’t need more armor… I think we’ve got plenty!