A new halo 4 game mode ?

This would be like juggernaut but the juggernaut would be an ai and who ever kills the ai het x amount of points . The ai could be a brute or some thing other than a Spartan and the players must compete to kill the juggernaut and each other but they don’t get kills for killing other players.

What do you think ?

How bout a Brute chieftan or Elite Zealot.

the new game mode would probably be the replacement for invasion

I think something intimidating and hard to kill. Like, say, a Hunter 2-3 times bigger than the Reach ones, black armor that covers more, and energy shields. Plus two Scarab guns.

I was think of a big brute or forerunner knight

I think you would need a brilliant AI, and by the looks of it. Halo 4 is not going to have a AI that has ability to fight, lets say 6 players all at once and be able to function normally, no glitches and such.

It is a really great idea.
And we have the same kind of possibility in Reach.

Juggernaut, some one is a fixed juggernaut and his preferred species is Elite
Armor, make him 3 times as powerful as a normal elite.
Damage, give him a bonus to easily kill 2 Spartans.

I know there is a infection game type where infected spawn as a elite which is really great. Maybe that would be usable too.


I like the ai idea better but It could work both ways right ?

Yea, well the AI idea is better but it is very hard. Like i said the AI must be brilliant.

I mean look at the AI from Modern Warfare 3 and gears of war 3.
Those AI’s are just horrible.

And halo , well the only AI i really thought to be challenging were elites. Brutes are dumb, and the rest are just idiots. Still better than auto-aiming CoD and GoW bots.

But i will thank you here, because AI has great potential. And i would really love to see more AI based gameplay in future Halo’s.

PS: the ODST AI on installation 04 in reach are just pathetic, and the funny part is. It does not matter what weapon you give them. They will be able to kill themselves.

But on the other hand. The ODST that gets dropped with the warthog is at least 4 times better than the ones you start with. Last night the dropped ODST managed to kill 2 grunts out of 5 with just an assault rifle.

To be honest the AI really had a great potential on that map. But they messed it up