A new gametype in called SuperSlayer

I just want your guys honest opinion on this idea. I realize that bungie has to make a big update for this to happen but this is just an idea. It would be nice if you guys could build upon my idea. I’m taking it to this forum first because it seems like the people here are more realistic gamers and people. This is an idea for a gametype I’m calling SuperSlayer.

In this gametype everyplayer would have access to armor lock, jetpack, evade, and sprint. For this to happen there would have to be updates. First, the control scheme would have to be adjusted. D-pad would be used to shift between armor abilities. (up=jetpack, down=armor lock, right=sprint, left= evade) The left bumper would still be use to actually put the AA’s into use.

Skill- I believe using all of the armor abilities simultaneously would require an extreme amount of skill. Ever player is put on the same playing field. Everything your opponent does would have a counter attack that you could do in response. This would allow players to evade rockets, nades, sniper, shotty, and sword. It would add a difficulty and a degree of skill separation that would be nice to see again.

Fun Factor- I think seeing a spartan actually become a supersoldier would be awesome. It would also be extremely cool to see the battles that would ensue if everyone could use all these AA’s. I think it would add extra dimensions to sort of boring gameplay.

Camping- In my opinion, this would finally give you a way to take out campers. It would also encourage map movement in my opinion. Parts of maps on this game become deadzones and being able to dodge incoming fire with the move of your choice would be awesome. Last, the Don’tMissRifle would actually be difficult to use. There is no skill separation now because it is to easy to hit slow motion spartans.

Feel free to add to this. Give your ideas, suggestions, and criticism. It is just an IDEA. Please can you be productive. Thanks. This idea is in an infant stage. It will fall on deaf ears but I think it is interesting to at least think of the possibilities. I also would like to see fixes to many aspects of the game but I think this is a cool concept.

In all honestly this sounds like a bad idea. I mean i see where you going with the counters and such but i just dont think it would work. And although these forums do have some of the coolest and chillest people around we still give out our honest opinions in a Mannerly matter.

why is it a bad idea?

Because i see no Fun factor i just see Very annoying fights.