A new forge world.

You may ask what I mean by this. Well, let me explain. Imagine a gigantic, pure white room where you have unlimited currency and items you can use. Items would also include covenant,human,flood,and forerunner objects. There would also be background options and well as well terrain options (terrain also including water in both foggy and clear options). you could also make gravity controls (like say if you wanted one area to have low or high gravity there would be an item for that.). There would sound effect options so you could place certain sounds at certain areas for more dramatic effect (would probably work well with machinimas as well I suppose).
I honestly think that this would be every forgers dream.

wrong thread nvm

any one else?

this would have to be in halo 4, if it was the case. not halo reach.

Maybe in 20 years. Engines today just can’t handle what people want. This would also cause alot of game lag and make map pack sales impossible.