A new forge build

Ok I Had this on bungie but because the forums were always so cluttered with Flame on reach I literally bumped it to death. So I am moving it here. To see the Origanal thread go here.

OK so far there have been a total of 3 forge worlds and 2 Forge zones and with the noble map pack a new forge zone has been added.
Forge World: A open ended area that has little roofing and little limits to forging along with a wide assortment of forge able objects.
Forge Zone:A small limited area that has a some what wide assortment and sadly has little sky light.

These have been
Forge World(Forrunner)
Rat’s Nest(UNSC)

None of these have been covenent or Flood. However this new halo gives us a chance to finaly get these.
What if it was something like Gemini but made bigger and more holy looking with more space for forge.
Would that be good
also what if we gave the prophet statue Big Ears (Just joking but it be funny)
Or a Cold storage with a door that let us go into the flood infected tunnels

Ideas for scenery
Computers (Blow up able)
Awesome seats
Grunt refueling can (Blow up able)
a freaking floating table that can be blown up
A statue would be sorta cool. Maybe of a prophet or an elite.
Bones (to add the feel to those infection maps you know)
Brute armor rack (able to be broken)
Medic Table (Would have blood on it and would work like bones)
flood spores
Infected dead marine (good scenery)

Please comment and keep this thread alive so that we may finaly have something covenant built.

Heck, I’m impatient. I would rather have Covvy… and have it for Reach!

I mean, at the rate that they are releasing map packs (faster than I can forge maps, thats for sure,) we should have what, another fifty by the time Halo: 4 comes out? A slight exaggeration… but still plenty of opportunity for a covenant themed sandbox. Honestly, thats the only thing I want right now; barring cookies.