A new Customs/Forge feature "Idea".

I think we should have an option to “sticky” custom game types to our Forged maps, so when people download one or the other, they can have an option to download the whole set. If you decide to only download the map and not the game types, then after selecting the map on the custom games screen, there can be an option called “recommended game types” to give players another chance to download the recommended game types individually. When selecting a game type, it will do the same thing, but vice versa.

This will eliminate confusion for people that don’t understand how to manually search for a game type that was designed to work with a particular map.

I don’t know how many times I got messages from people saying that my game types and maps didn’t work right, because they were using the wrong map with the wrong game type, even though I had both of them in a file set. This “sticky” idea would eliminate this.

Yes, I would love this feature also. It’s an excellent idea!

I’d like it to be like Apples iTunes store/Social Network where you can submit reviews, comment, get the latest updates on the map and gametype, ect.

But yeah, this is a step in the right direction. I really think this would make the file browser a whole lot more useful, I was thinking how great and how much easier it would be. It’d be so much more efficient. :smiley:

So, like an upgraded version of File Sets? I like this idea. I hate it when I forget which map goes with what gametype.

This idea would go perfectly alongside folders for maps and gametypes.

this is what halo needs, it would make custom map packs EPIC and yeah, grouping maps and gametypes together, so when you download them you download them all and like you said tag a gametype to a map would work perfectly, brillint idea