A new cool gametype for HALO 4

I have been thinking of a cool new gametype for matchmaking, i could really only think of this one a certain map but. maybe it could change in to something else.

so here it is.

It is called DISTRUCTION(i couldnt think of a good name for it)

*It takes place in a outerspace map(probably above reqreum)
*It has a frigate and a covinant cruiser.
*its kind of like invasion but both are trying to get to the other side and destroy the other ship at the same time.
*the spartans spawn in the frigate and the coninant in the cruiser.
*and both frigate and cruiser are stocked with flying machines to go over to the other ship.
*every team mate is carrying a bomb and the goal is to go to the other ship and blow it up.
*I was thinking this could be a big team gamytype, but even more players on it. kind of like caspian border on BF3 you can have alot of players.
*i think this would be fun because you can get air battles and land battles.

  • and maybe for those being sneaky there can be a thing that connects the two ships together so you can walk instead of fly over.
    *And maybe the explosion tiem and the time it takes to plant the bombe are long that way you have time to stop them before it is esplodes.
    *and this is just an idea but maybe your whole team has to be off the ship before it can explode.

This just an idea for right now, tell me if you like it or what else should be included in this game type.

This sounds a lot like the space combat in Star Wars: Battlefront II. This would be awesome, but I’m not sure it would fit. The weapons would be unbalanced. Where the Spartans would get Sniper Rifles, Spartan Lasers, and other longer-range / hit-scan weapons, the Covenant is stuck with slower-travelling, shorter-range weapons. The Elite team would need a miracle to win.

Yes, but he covinant have banshees phantoms beam rifles and focus rifles.